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By GoofyCyborg
Found this over on the register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/12/15 ... e_opt_out/

For anyone who isn't sure what this is about - If you type a web address into your browsers URL e.g. news.bbc.co.uk you are taken to the opropreate website, should you misspell the addres or enter an invalid URL e.g. new.bbc.co.uk you will receive an error message. TalkTalk is intercepting those messages and putting their own in its place, including adverts. That is fine if you do not mind, but some people do mind. They have to opt out, but they can't opt out because the opt out option is not working and TalkTalk do not seem in a rush to fix it. :thumbsdown:


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Just my opinion here but...isn't this just a lot of fuss over something and nothing? Fair enough, the option to opt out should have been there, and now it is but isn't working they should fix it but I mean...come on, is it really that big of a deal that customers are actually demanding this to be fixed?
It just like another way people have jumped on the band wagon regarding talk talk. If this was any other service provider then this wouldn't have been an issue, let alone made the news pages...

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