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By mpmc
Hey all,

I've noticed some real oddities regarding my BT connection lately and all I can put it down to is BTs Filters.

A few days ago I noticed that pages were failing to load, not just one or two sites but every site I visited, Chrome being Chrome automatically retries loading the pages when they fail and upon doing so the pages would load fine.

This seems to have somewhat cleared up now but it'll still happens without warning on occasion noticeably on domains I haven't visited in ages at first I thought it was Chrome and my PC, so tried a number of others and those too had the same issue.

I did the usual checks, line tests, speed tests, virus scan, router settings etc and It's still a mystery!

I did notice that my IP address changed about 5 times recently so either BT is having serious issues or they're implementing even more filters.

I did a bit of googling and came cross this forum post talking about BT DNS hijacking. :sick:

*puts on tin foil hat*..


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By c0d3r
I think times are changing here in the UK when it comes to broadband. (As well as many other things)

And they moan about Kim Jong-un! :D

On a serious note though ALL major UK ISP's are being forced to by the government and high courts to implement filtering. Give it a few years and we will have an internet service not far off that of China. :(

There is another thread just below this one about Talk Talk and DNS hijacking. Grrrr
By GoofyCyborg
mpmc wrote:I did a bit of googling and came cross this forum post talking about BT DNS hijacking. :sick:

*puts on tin foil hat*..
That makes some interesting reading. :*Bleep*:

I think we passed the need for a tin foil hat way back. We need to wrap ourselves in tin foil from head to toe! :lol:

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