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By kaiuk
I prefer to use cable when playing online games because wireless is too 'jumpy' and for certain games you need a stable ping otherwise you'll be struggling with lag and perhaps even get kicked off a server!

I use powerlines as the router is far from the computer i use but the speed drops over a half compared with a direct cable connection. Any advice for improving powerline performance?
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By WelshPaul
I experimented with power line adaptors once and the results were pretty poor. They have their use, I wouldn't recommend them the anyone unless it was a last resort.
By kaiuk
The best ones are TP link powerlines but i got some used Devolo ones instead. They work well so far, always provided reliable internet but the speed is way below what it is supposed to be. However, i will continue with it because it is stable and reliable.

I tried a USB wireless adapter but performance was extremely poor, i guess i could try another type of wireless such as PCI wireless card. Perhaps performance would be better than a little 1cm USB stick.
By worldmachine
There are various things you can try to improve powerline performance. Check whether there is any electrical equipment which have an electromotor inside near the powerline adapters. Such equipment would be air conditioning, a washing machine, electric fans etc, move such equipment away from the powerline adapters. Also check whether there are AC power adapters for items such as mobile phones or laptops around the powerline adapters and move these. If the quality of the AC adapter is not good it could cause a lot of noise on the powerline circuit. Finally check whether the distance between the powerline adapters is too long, the maximum should be 300 metres.

i hope these tips are of assistance.
By kaiuk
Thanks for the tips! I noticed that if I charge my phone using the socket in the same room as my computer I lose the internet connection. I don't know the reason for it, extreme interference or drawing up too much electricity. I won't be able to move the powerline adaptor far from the computer unless I run long network cables, but the electromotor tip is handy.

Summer is approaching and I usually have a small fan in the room, I'm guessing that will cause a problem then. An investment in a USB fan might be wise to avoid using the electrical sockets.


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