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By worldmachine
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FreedomPop is on it's way to the UK and Europe, this US based company offers it's customers 200 minutes 500 text messages and 500mb of data free every month. This is in the hope that users will pay extra for additional features. It is definitely a good deal for light users.

I don't have the exact date for roll out but it should be here by the end of the year, i believe it is launching in Belgium first. You will not be required to be under any contract to use the service.
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By pwarbi
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Isn't freedom pop basically aimed at the budget end of the broadband/phone spectrum? A bit like giff gaff, that type of idea?
Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just think the basic package from these type of companies are exactly that, basic.

If your wanting more than what they offer then you have to add or top up the amounts of calls or data you want and sometimes that can work out more expensive than some of the other providers.
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By Dekay
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What FreedomPop has going for it in the USA is that it's base plan is free but in my two years of using it I can't justify replacing my default cellphone carrier with it. This is largely due to the network it runs on, Sprint. While Sprint's coverage in urban areas is very good, the same cannot be said of smaller cities, and especially of rural areas where they are all but non-existent.

I'm glad to see they are looking to expand their services into the UK and maybe Europe, but for people in my situation it's simply going to perpetuate the current trend of people in high service areas getting more connectivity options all the time while under connected areas continue to be pretty much ignored.

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