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By Bonzer
You can actually buy a signal booster to amplify your router's signal range and make it reach 2nd or 3rd floor of your residential complex (assuming that your router is in ground floor). I don't, however, know of an App that can increase the range. You can nevertheless optimize your router with an app.
By chelsknits
wahmed wrote:As you have probably heard me say I have the best internet, but im visiting a friend and get poor signals on the room im stayi.g. Is there an app that works to boost wifi signals
I've never heard of anything like that. The only thing I could think of (which would only help to avoid this in the future, in this case) would be to talk to your cell phone provider about how much it would cost to be able to create an internet hotspot with your smart phone. I've never actually bothered with this myself though so I'm not sure how much it would cost or how well it would actually work.
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By Yosh
pwarbi wrote:There's definitely things you can buy to boost the distance that your WiFi signal reaches, but I think the OP was talking about the actual speed, due to having different devices attached, rather than the actual range.
Oh, if that's the case, then it might be as simple as disconnecting devices that aren't in use. I know some phones have an option to disable being connected to the internet if they're locked. Perhaps making it so that the devices that are in use take priority would be a fix?
By pwarbi
I think when your working with a limited WiFi, one of the easiest fixes is to make sure you don't have multiple devices connected all at the same time. Sometimes that can be an issue if all the devices are actually being used, but I think a lot of the time people will leave their phones, and laptops etc connected even when when they're not so it might be worth checking just what is in use and what isn't.
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By talk2me
It is heard that structure of your house is also a factor that decides wireless performance. If it is built in such a way that the signals have to bounce around too many corners of the room to reach the wireless device, it can create issues. Also ensure that you are not too far away from wireless router. :)
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By John Donovan
I'd try to open up his router's control panel, and checking to see if there are any options to boost your signal. I know for sure that on my crappy router, there is an option to boost either the signal or the speed. Definitely worth giving it a shot.
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By BestGear
Unless its a "modern" router (and still check if it is...) - check what channel the wifi is sitting on and move it to a quiet one, ie a channel that none of the neighbourhood are using... you usually find a quiet spot unless in a city center.
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