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By nytegeek
Centurylink is DSL in the USA. I live in a market with services much faster than Centurylink. It doesn't hurt to comparison shop. If you are trying to get through the clutter of doing so online a local yellow pages section of a phone book will give you an idea of which companies to contact where you live. I know it is a bit old fashioned and that phone books are often treated like junk mail, at least in my part of the USA, but they still have their uses. You could check into Comcast if they are available where you live as an option for comparison.
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By nytegeek
You can't blatantly say it isn't the fastest without knowing what else is offered in his area. Centurylink is a large company with quite a large service area. Best for him to just do the research or maybe post what his local options are so that we can provide a better answer.
By pwarbi
If it's a DSL connection that I don't think a company can claim to have the fastest. Like others have already said it can depend on a number of factors, so one person might be getting the top speed one day, and the next it will drop off a lot so to say they can provide the fastest available might be stretching the marketing a little bit too far.
By bluegreen
Sunflogun wrote:I agree that 40Mbps is not impressive, 100Mbps is pretty standard where I live, at least in the paper, because when I tested it, never goes above 75.
Yes I was surprised as well when I read the first posts and the OP because here where I live most of the brands offer speeds up to 100Mbps and usually the users always have that much speed! Currently I'm using ADSL for 21€ per month and I have speeds up to 30 Mbps which is a bit low comparing to the medium speed that my friends have with their services!
By Voipreneur
That is in fact, a pretty fast internet. However ultimately, the fastest internet you will find out there isn't DSL but in fact, Google Fiber. Although it isn't exactly the most widely available, it boasts speeds of upwards of 1,000MB a second, now that is fast! In fact, maybe a bit too fast. I suppose if you live near California you're one lucky person to get access to that kind of speed! For the average residential user, Centurylink is a pretty top choice out there!
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