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By WelshPaul
I have heard this mentioned before although never having traveled to the states before I wouldn't have a clue.
By pwarbi
I'm trying to find out I'd this is actually true aswell. If it is though, I think the others question that should be asked is why? If its because the standard is so much better then there might be a case but I cant see it being.
I'd imagine its to do with the logistical side of things, that's the only reason I can think of?
By worldmachine
Broadband is significantly more expensive in the USA and speeds are generally slower, the reasons for this are firstly competition, or the lack of it. In most U.S cities customers looking for high speed internet don't really have a choice of provider, for any connection faster than 25 Mbps there is really only one provider to go with for 80% of the population.

The other issue affecting price in the U.S is that broadband is often a government sponsored or subsidised utility in many parts of the world which keeps prices down, but in the U.S these projects are very hard to get started due to legal and logistical problems. Telecom companies are not really motivated to expand their fibre networks as they have no competition and with the price issue also it seems that America will remain behind with it's broadband services for some time to come.
By pwarbi
Of all the countries in the world you have expected the US to be at the forefront of this technology but it looks like they're way behind when it comes to anything internet.
If I'm honest, as I'm sat writing this in the freezing cold rain, it isn't something that would put me off emigrating there right now!
By pwarbi
I think that's the case across America, not just in the specific cities that you'd expect it to be expensive.

Does anbidy on here have any specific prices to compare against Europe or the rest of the world even? Be interesting to actually see just what they're paying.
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By John Donovan
I definitely have to agree about the prices being way better in Europe than in the United States. In fact, it seems that the further you get from the USA, the better the prices are! Here, in Romania (Eastern Europe, for those wondering), we have fantastic prices and fantastic speeds, compared to the ones that you would find in the USA. In fact, they shine even compared to the ones in Western Europe.
By pwarbi
I must admit I've never lived anywhere other than the UK but I've also heard in the past that some parts of Asia your going to be getting better speeds than anywhere else in the world.

It does come back to the question though, how much speed do you actually need? There's going to become a point where you can only go so fast before it hits a brick wall.


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