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By CrowdedHighways
bluegreen wrote:
John Mannics wrote:Feels like internet is much faster here in Hongkong than the one I used while living in Europe a few years. Is it just my experience or does the location matter?
I don't think that it's related to the Continent where you are, neither the location... It all depends on the service you are using. But inevitably you will tend to find better conections on depeloped countries of course. But I am pretty sure than in Hongkong there must be at least one place where the internet was worst than the Europe one you tried :P and I'm pretty sure that in Europe you will find better conections than the one you use on Hongkong :P it really depends on the companies/services :)
I think that the location is rather important, actually. Service is probably more important anyway, but I think you are underplaying the importance of the geographical location.


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By talk2me
I don't know about whole of Asia but it is really pathetic in India. You will not get what company offers to you at the time of taking connection. They also change the policy in between. For example if you take one month's unlimited plan, sometimes they will reduce the number of days from 30 to 28/25 days. You will be surprised to know that your subscription period is over at the end of 28 days! :-o

Internet users in India is not organised and I think we need to protest against such practices. :)
By bluegreen
Kessen wrote:I used to live in China and the internet was pretty terrible there, there were many places where broadband wasn't even available. Connecting to Chinese sites was slow and if I was trying to use any non-Chinese service it slowed to a crawl. I think Hong Kong and Chinese internet are definitely going to be different though, the former isn't crippled by the Great Firewall!
Seriously? I thought that China internet was fast. Was it slow only on some areas and faster on Beijing for example or slow everywhere? And was it slow only with China websites or international websites as well? It's strange even thought they have the Great Firewall...
By adssolsn
internet speeds can be affected by various factors;
the strength of signal booster
the distance between the signal booster and the user
the gadget used by the receiver.
the mode of signal transfer e.g. fiber cables or Ethernet

this are among the top factors that can affect the internet speed within a certain location; a country who applies these factors carefully is bound to have a better internet coverage.
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By lokiebunny
Well, the speed of internet is pretty fast in Hong-Kong, as I live in India you can opt more than 22 Mbps of speed and it really works great and its true that locations matter most, But apart of metropolitan states if you go to any rural location in India you will see it, that the speed of internet is so terrible even some of the places they are still using 2G service becuase they do not have any option to opt 3G or 4G connectivity.
By pwarbi
What service the ISP provides and what the area is capable of is also two separate things. Even here in the UK some of the operator's aren't covering some parts of the country with a 4G mobile service, even though the capability is there. I think this is the same for most internet providers also, and if it won't be cost effective for the number of people in that area, the ones who do live there are stuck with a below par service.
By kenzenith
dibts wrote:The Internet in Hong Kong is fast as well as in Singapore. But in Manila, Philippines... you will be struggling. The people there are using 2mbps for regular broadband subscription and the loading of a website would take more than 10 seconds! That's already their DSL! It was such a pain when I was there. It's still way faster in Europe.
This statement is true because I can attest to it. I'm a Filipino and we have the slowest and most expensive internet in Asia. I've never been to Singapore and UK before, so I can't really compare their internet, but one thing is for sure, internet in the UK and Singapore is way faster than the Philippines.

I agree with other people here that internet speed is based on location and the number of persons using it in a certain location. If your area has a lot of internet subscribers, you will probably get a slow internet.
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By nytegeek
@pwarbi makes an excellent point. A region's infrastructure and what an ISP offers can be very disparate things. Several factors influence the cost factors for both providers and customers. An SP needs to see the profit potential in serving an area with coverage regardless of the infrastructure or ability to build in an area.


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