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By nytegeek
Both cable and fiber can deliver speeds faster than your hard drive. The advantage of fiber is the lack of signal degradation over large distances. the equipment in your own home is usually the only real bottleneck. Most people don't seem to know or believe this. Occasionally it is a wiring issue in the home. It can be the service provider at times, but service providers have a vested interest in up time. If service is spotty or down it can often be due to upgrades or physical damage to the lines. The first of which being in the customers best interest long term and the later often being caused by unforeseen events like weather, vehicle accidents, natural disasters and the like.
By pwarbi
I don't think many people actually think about the equipment enough when it comes to their internet, and that can be a problem when it comes to the speed of the service they're getting.

Most are just happy to plug everything in as it should be and away they go. It's only after they realise that they're only getting half the speeds that they're actually paying for.
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By John Donovan
Here in Romania, our biggest Internet Service Provider currently only provides Optic Fiber (which I am using and I am getting HUGE speeds) and mobile 3G (didn't make the jump to 4G yet, it seems). I really think that this kind of Internet Service is the future, because it is just so fast and reliable: in 8 years of Optic Fiber, I've only been disconnected twice, for 30 minutes each time, after major blackouts.
By bluegreen
Personally I am using fiber optic it's been 2 years from now! And I am really satisfied with the service. Constant internet and doesn't go "up and down" as my ADSL used to. It's more stable, faster and has almost the same price 5 or 10 bucks more (here in Portugal) than the ADSL, so why not changing to optic fiber? In what concerns to satellite internet I don't have any experience with it...
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By nytegeek
I believe that in most cases Fiber is not going to yield measurable results over cable unless the local provider is offering significantly slower speeds than what is possible over cable. A copper connection is capable of delivering speeds that are faster than your machine can utilize. The big advantage of fiber is less signal degradation over distance, not speed.
By bluegreen
CrowdedHighways wrote:I would say that fiber optic is faster and more reliable than the other two options. Satellite Internet might be affected by weather conditions, so that is a big disadvantage. I would advise to choose fiber if you like to play video games.
Hello Crowded Highways, how does the Satellite Internet works? It works like the Satellite phones? The ones that they use in the Antarctic that are really big and work in every place? :P
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