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By pwarbi
I think there's a lot of things out there that will claim to boost your signal or improve the range etc but I'm not sure if they do actually work to be honest as @kylerlittle said.

The most we ever have on is three devices and our Wi-Fi doesn't really seem to suffer, but if I did need to try a booster out, I don't think I'd pay for the privilege, that's for sure.
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By Namo
I am not an expert, but if you are having trouble with having multiple devices connected to one router, I think you should invest in a router with multiple channels. This way, the signals do not interfere and everyone can get the best Wi-Fi connection.
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By nytegeek
You could set up a second router or repeater. Repeaters are used in education and medical facilities to extend the range of a wireless network. Most other WiFi or signal boosting tricks aren't worth it. Some even void router warranties or make the situation worse.
By pwarbi
As well as looking at ways to boost a WiFi signal, it might also be worth checking to see if the location of your router can make a difference. A lot of people aren't getting the best signal due to where in the house the router is placed.

Trying to make sure it's plugged into the main telephone outlet and not an extension, it's located as centrally as possible in the home aswell as away from other electrical devices can all help improve your WiFi signal.
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By John Donovan
I don't really think so. I'd suggest you get a better router; that should definitely fix your problems without any more hassle of having to mount the booster and stuff like that. Or if you really need better signal, try opening the control panel of the router. I know for sure that mine has an option on whether you want it to focus on better speed or better signal; try that.
By bluegreen
Kristin wrote:When I go to visit my family, there are often five devices that are depending on one router. :( Can anyone offer a solution for getting fast internet under these types of situations?
Well, the only thing you can do is upgrading the internet service or as another member said, changing your router to another with more channels, although I think the second option won't help you since if you have 5 devices and you are already experiencing bad internet conection. If you can afford you should upgrade it :)

Another question, do you think the bad conection is related to the distance you are from the source of the wi-fi signal? If it's that the problem, you can simly buy another router and use it as a repeater, it's very easy to do :)


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