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By lokiebunny
I expect to be treated respectfully and correctly, but most important thing is for me that I expect the person on the other line should be able to solve my problem. Customer service means that you know what customer is looking for if you don't know the customer requirement or need you wouldn't be able to serve your services. This is what happens most of the time whenever I Connect my call to "Customer Service", because I feel uncomfortable if I am calling a "Customer Service". I always end up with disappointment. Why they provide always scripted answer to their customer.? Customer Service should be more accurate and brilliant in future. This is what we all want.
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By talk2me
A customer care executive is the face of the company. There is stiff competition going on and if the companies want to survive, their customer service should be proactive. I would expect a customer care executive to be proactive in giving suggestions about the plans that best suit my requirements. This is very important if they want a loyal customer base to stick with them. In case of any issues, he should give me frequent update about the status. :)
By mscaver86
My expectations for customer service is to be respectful and be able to speak proper English so I can clearly understand what is being said. I have been a customer service representative for ten years and honestly depending on what company you work for depends on how much they train you on the company and what is expected of you. For the most part the training consist of showing you were all the information is so that you can be able to assist the customer as quickly as possible. It is impossible to learn all the information about a company or product in training but as you continue doing the job you become more familiar.
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By nytegeek
I wish companies didn't tie employees to scripts for telephone interaction. Instead of hiring capable people and empowering them to provide good service they hand them a script to follow and teach them to transfer us to a voicemail when the script can't solve it.
By adssolsn
John Donovan wrote:I expect to be treated correctly and respectfully, but most important, I expect the person on the other end of the line to be competent and able to solve my problem. I hate it when I'm calling a customer support hotline and I end up wasting 45 minutes of my time due to the employee not knowing what to do.

Fun fact: if you are contacting an online customer support service (say, via direct chat or via email), you can immediately ask for your ticket to be elevated. This way, you will be given a specialist, who is more competent.
no need to get mad fellows, i have worked as a customer service attendant for a motor vehicle sales company before and I can tell you for free; it’s not the easiest job ever. A caller can say one thing and mean another; it gets really stressing. That’s why I always go easy whenever I call customer care; you never know the kind of clients he has dealt with before you.
By adssolsn
pwarbi wrote:I think we've all been in that situation were we know more than the so called expert on the other end of the phone.

You get the obligatory questions, have you turned it off and back on again? Have you reset it and left it for 30 seconds? Is it plugged in?

I'm sure they must think that most of us are thick when it comes to any form of technology.
the questions are meant to help the service provider give you a better service @pwarbi; i have worked as customer care assistant and i can tell you, some people call for some simple problems they can easily solve. its the work of the assistant to figure out the problem . as a customer care attendant, you are trained to handle clients with the simplest language possible; guess that's why some of those questions seem lame. but this is the only way.
By pwarbi
I do get what you mean, and I don't mind the fact that there is some form of script or a couple of questions to begin with but for one example...

I called regarding an issue with my PC, after being on hold, at my expense I might add, I finally got through to somebody. Is it plugged in? Is the power turned on at the switch? Have you tried unplugging it and then plugging it back in again? After frustratingly answering yes to all them questions, he then said in that case I'll just put you back on hold, you'll have to speak to another assistant for more advanced advice!

Advanced? Really? Surely them questions aren't necessary?
By adssolsn
customer service is not as easy picking up the phone and saying hello; it involves a lot of challenges, trust me, i should know. its very difficult especially when a caller thinks they know more than the attendant, this leaves the assistant wondering why they called in the first place if they know it all. the best way to handle this is by being co-operative and follow the directions as given by the customer care attendant, otherwise you will not get your queries answered. always remember: "do not do unto others what you won't want them to do to you".
By vinaya
As a customer of any ISP or a telecommunication company, I would expect prompt replies to any problems I encounter and also uninterrupted connection. After I am subscribed to any package, I don't want my ISP/telecom to increase the price of the package or terminate the package (actually this happened to me, the internet package I had subscribed was discontinued by the company before the tenure ended).
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By talk2me
I think the main problem is that most of these so called customer care executives never use their common sense before addressing a problem. They will always go through a predefined set of questions which will make the customer on the other side really angry. I think a customer care executive should be proactive in addressing the customer issues and the focus should be on solving the problem instead of following guidelines.


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