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By nytegeek
@Sunflogun No, they don't always use a *.gov because of clear reasons in their view that may or may not affect traffic to the site. In the case of the USPS, even though they are a government agency they are self funded and compete with several companies and corporations that provide similar services. A *.com made sense.


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By pwarbi
While its true that they don't have to use it, you'd think with the option being there they would do though, especially since we've already established that people feel more secure when using a site ending in .gov above all the others.
By adssolsn
Sunflogun wrote:They don't use it because they don't feel the need. Meaning, the extensions exist, but each one uses what they want because there is no legislation about it.
i feel that the extensions are to guide the visitor and not the admin of the site, for that reason, its you the user who should be careful before making any commitment or submitting any private information or funds to these sites. i also believe that the administrators of the websites use the extension to distinguish themselves from the other ordinary sites to avoid confusion and make it harder for the scammers.
By pwarbi
While it's true that there's no set rules, you'd imagine if the option was there though to use a .gov extension that they would use it. Not all sites are allowed to, so I would have thought the ones that are, would take up the option.
By vinaya
domain extensions tries to classify websites based on their nature and function. You can distinguish dot com dot us with dot com dot np, because the former is the US based website whereas the later is Nepal based website. Furthermore, you can also differentiate dot us with dot ca because us stands for US and ca stands for Canada. Dot come, dot net, dot, gov, dot edu are some of the common extensions however, there are also other extensions such as dot xyz, dot tk etc.


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