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By pwarbi
@nytegeek here in the UK we also experienced the low dial up speeds, so I'm well aware of what your talking about. People are complaining about only having a 2 or 3G connection on their mobiles, that connection is still probably twice as fast as a internet dial up connection was.

May people aren't mentioning the days of dial up, simply because back then, the internet and this type of technology wasn't as popular as it is now, and a lot of people that are using the internet now, would be late starters, shall we say, and had never heard of dial up, never mind even used it.


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By bluegreen
God, today I had to deal with really low internet speed in my university. Generally they have a good connection and fast speed. But today all the students had to chose their classes and make their schedule online. The university demands that we should use their internet so everyone took their laptops and used the internet at the same time. It was one of the most frustrating days of my experience using internet...
By pwarbi
People still tend to complain about the sort of speeds they are getting today, but compare where we are now to ten years ago, three years ago even and you'll realise just how far technology as advanced.

At the time, I think a lot of people was quite happy with the speed as we didn't use the internet for half as much as we do now, maybe to browse a couple of sites and check your email and that was about it.
By vinaya
The first time I had access to internet was through a dial up. I don't remember the speed, but it took me about an hour to open couple of emails and send a reply. It revolution has taken better hold in my home country Nepal, however, every parts of the country is not connected to the internet. While Nepal government has not yet approved 4G internet service in the country (couple of internet service providers are ready to provide 4G service and are waiting for government approval), urban areas have 3G service. Sadly, in rural areas people are still using internet in GPRS and EDGE band.


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