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By BestGear

I have had Infinity for around two years, and since installation, my download speeds are 20mb down on that I had a month after installation.

I appreciate that crosstalk increases as subscribers jump into the cabinet, but this is a considerable drop.

I have retained screenshots of the speed tests done over time on BT Wholesale's site as evidence.

My IP profile is set low - and I wonder if that is part of the problem, and needs reset.

Question is, has anyone got advice as to the best route through BT customer service to get to speak to someone that a) cares b) can do something about it and c) wont palm me off with an excuse?

Thanks guys



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By WelshPaul
I believe that your speeds are always higher to start with and that your connection is usually unstable and problematic at first. Resetting your IP profile will probably result in better speeds again but for how long?

It could be down to over utilisation? Hard to say really... I'd be amazed if you get anywhere with BT customer services. :x
By pwarbi
In all honesty I've never had the misfortune to use BT services myself, but I know a lot of people that have in the past, and their experience with the customer service isn't exactly great either.

I think a lot of ISP's have been less than convincing when it comes to how well they treat their existing customers, but there are a few now that have started to actually make changes in this department. BT isn't one of them, and until they do, I certainly won't consider them if I ever change.
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By BestGear

Wading through customer service is the struggle that puts you off spending time and energy even trying... as you know the hassle it will be... first line... oh, first line supervisor... second line (the guy who knows where the coffee machine is...) etc etc....

I appreciate that speed will settle as the "system" adapts to noise/line degradation etc, but the speed was robust for some months beyond installation, and no wiring changes have occurred in my property, so it has to be their network.

My "worry" is perhaps its down to disconnects - I have the openreach modem working through an Untangle box (in a VM)... which if you make config changes (not all but many) it drops the PPPoE connection and restarts the link...

Need to give t a bash...
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By John Donovan
I've heard only bad things about Infinity, but I wouldn't know much because we don't have it here in Eastern Europe. Is it really that bad? If it is, why is it so popular? Are there services that are even worse?


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