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By bluegreen
I think that the problem with the bad weather is that directly connected to Internet Speed changes, yes it can affect it sometimes as nytegeek said, cold weather with ice can affect the wires and cables if your internet is provided to you using that method. But i it's raining and the weather it's not that cold, then I don't think that it'll affect the wires and internet speed directly. What it can affect is the traffic for example, cars and vehicles have more probabilities of making mistakes and crashes happening, if you are really unlucky a car can crash against some wire or cable and break them, shutting down tge internet in your area. Other than that, you really need extreme conditions to have your internet speed greatly affected.


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By vinaya
I think weather has an adverse effect on internet speed. However, as far as I know weather must be too "adverse" to have negative impact on internet speed. In my experience, during windy days, heavy rain or heavy snowfall it is very common to have internet interruptions.
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By talk2me
I use a mobile broadband connection and it becomes dead slow when it is raining outside. I have experienced it so many times. But if you have a clear sky, net speed is good. So climate does affect my net speed. Sometimes it becomes so clumsy that I find it difficult to move my mouse point. That is really frustrating. But I haven't experienced anything awkward during cold weather.

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