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By lokiebunny
Well, yes you can increasing the internet speed, this is only possible if you use the software other than that you can check the filters and replace the cable or always clean you computer from virus. Don't forget to update firmware because your modem and router have their own software that you need to update also check modem setting and set it up to unlimited mode.
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By talk2me
As already mentioned above it is very important to update firmware of your router/modem. Every modem has its own software. You may log in to your modem following the instructions given on the site of the respective brand.

It is also necessary to update your computer's OS. Sometimes a bad modem itself can be the reason for a bad Internet connection. In that case go for a better one. Also make sure that your modem is suited to your Internet plan.
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By nytegeek
To actually provide a useful answer to this question more information is needed. What type of connection do you have? What are the speeds you are supposed to be getting? What are you actually getting? It should be noted that firmware updates and software configurations will not increase your speed beyond the hardware capability or beyond what your internet service provider offers.

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