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By lokiebunny
Is there any way where I could manage my internet speed like while using YouTube I could do other as well? YouTube takes all my internet speed to play the video or song that is the reason sometimes I use internet in less speed. How can manage this so I could enjoy the YouTube and my work as well.


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By vinaya
Internet speed depends on number of factors, for instance, data usage during internet surfing (uploads and downloads), speed provided by your internet service provider and the time of the day. During the peak hours (when most of the people are using the same connection) internet speed also gets slower.
By pwarbi
If simply watching a video on YouTube slows down your system that much that you can't do anything else, I'd probably look around and think about changing your ISP to be honest for a faster service.

You can clear as many apps and cache as you want, but if it's internet speed issue then none of that will make a difference.
By adssolsn
thanks @nytgeek for that insight, i thought i could just clear my cache whenever i felt like it; now i know better. @vinaya, i don't understand, what does the time of the day have to do with the internet speed. i think this might help me since i sometimes exprience very slow speeds at around pm to pm.


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