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By adssolsn
my cousin has a WiFi cyba cafe near a college that has proved difficult to run as the students keep cracking the password to use the internet service for free. From that experience, i have come to the conclusion that a normal router is better than WiFi. what do you guys think?


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By nytegeek
If you are saying that Ethernet is safer than Wi-Fi it completely depends on the situation. An up to date and properly configured Wi-Fi access point wouldn't be experiencing the problems you mentioned nor would they be so frequent if they did happen.

A normal router includes Wi-Fi capabilities in most cases these days and the proper distinction is Ethernet cable vs. wireless.
By adssolsn
to tell the truth @vinaya, i have no idea how these kids do it time after time; they are college students. i will definitely give him all your suggestions. thanks so much for all your help; changing the password daily seems like a great idea but in case it doesn't work, he can switch to cable network.
By waqsi
I got your problem mate! I thinks its the common problem faced now-a-days but don't worry, there are ways to prevent this. :)
Just follow the simple steps given below:

1) Setup a strong password or to make it more secure, set up an encryption key.
2) Turn the router firewalls and MAC address on.
3) This one is technical but seek for a master in this and assign IP address to your devices.
4) Make your network's SSID invisible. That's all!
Though all the above steps require a technician, I guess that wouldn't be a big problem to you. Good luck! :)


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