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Looking to purchase a new or replacement IP phone? Obihai have recently dropped the price of their OBi1000 series IP Phones over on amazon.co.uk

Old prices:
  • OBi1022 was £99
  • OBi1039 was £129
  • OBi1062 was £149
New Prices: With support for Up to 24* Lines and Up to Six SIP, Google Voice™ and One OBiTALK VoIP Services - Eligible for FREE UK Delivery too!

Features of the OBi1000 Series Business IP Phones:
  • Large Vivid Color Display – User Configured Themes and Multi-Dimensional Navigation with Top-Anchored Time and Date
  • Remotely Customizable via XML Download – User Interface Labelling, Key/Button Functionality, Applications
  • Up to 24 Lines or Call Appearances* – Programmable Across Six (6) VoIP Services (SIP and Google Voice) + OBiTALK
  • Universal Interoperability with SIP and VoLTE Call Control Platforms
  • Secure Remote Provisioning and Management Versatility via SP’s In-House System and/or OBiTALK Cloud-Management
  • Zero-Touch Customization and Service Activation APIs to Minimize Deployment Costs / Complexity
  • High Definition Speech Technology for Crystal-Clear Conversations - VoIP Codecs Supported: G.722, G.711, G.726, G.729, iLBC, OPUS8
  • Full-Duplex Speakerphone with Built-In Class D Amplifier and Audio Equalizer
  • Headset Support via RJ9, 3.5mm Jacks (EHS Support) or Bluetooth
  • Dual Ethernet with Power over Ethernet (PoE): Gigabit Ethernet (OBi1062) or Fast Ethernet (OBi1032)
  • Integrated WiFi Connectivity – Built-in or Via OBiWiFi USB Adapter
  • 16-Key Side Car Option – Up to Two Side Cars per Phone
  • Built-In Five Party Conference Bridge
  • Personal Contact Phone Book with Import/Export/Sync Functions, Call History, Picture Caller ID
  • Obihai Call Routing and Bridging Technology
  • Global Deployment: Language Localization and Country-Specific Dialing, Ringing, In-Call Tones

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