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Hi All,

We have been looking into reports of an issue with outgoing calls to mobile numbers.

When our two of our Sales team are leaving a voicemail, once prompted to start recording a message on the mobile number being called, the voicemail system starts the prompt dialogue again to record a message.

Some of the recordings we have listened to the mobiles voicemail service either restarts itself between 30-50seconds after starting to leave a message and returns to going round the digital prompt to leave a message again, sometimes even going round the digital prompt twice in quick succession after restarting.

This happens on two of our extensions so far!!

We are running a 3cx phone system over a VPN with a external provider and use Yealink T46g phones.

If anyone could shed some light on what this issue might be, it would be most helpful

Thank You
Just to confirm...

Two of your extensions (both being used by the sales team) are used for dialling out to various mobile numbers, but instead of the mobile user answering the call, their Voicemail is answering the call? You are then being prompted to start recording a message, but instead of a beep and leaving your message, the voicemail system starts the prompt dialogue all over again?

If what I have wrote above is correct, are you ever able to leave a message?
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