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By WelshPaul
Just been navigating around the OBIHAI website and the following page (click on the "Product Name" dropdown option) gives reference to the following devices:
  • OBi2062
  • OBi2162
  • OBi2182
Are these new devices in the pipeline? Anyone know what these devices are? I can't find any information on them at all! :dunno:


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By WelshPaul
Thanks for the link @drgeoff. As you're already aware, there is very little information on the internet regarding the OBi2062, OBi2162 and OBi2182 devices at present. I did find this, it includes an image of the OBi2182 IP phone which I have attached to this post.
drgeoff wrote:New phones? Maybe the 10x2 models are to be discontinued. All three 10x2 phones have been very heavily discounted by Amazon UK these last few months.
1022 from £149 to £89
1032 from £179 to £109
1062 from £249 to £129

Or maybe the 10x2 models will remain and the 2062, 2162 and 2182 will be pitched at lower or higher market segments.

All speculation. We'll know when we know!
While it's true that the OBi1000 series IP phones have been heavily discounted over on Amazon UK these last few months (IMO they were way over priced to start with), surely they can't be planning to EOL the OBi1000 series already? OBIHAI are sill retailing the EOL OBi100 at £39 over on Amazon UK, the same price as the OBi200!
drgeoff wrote:A brief mention in http://www.sangoma.com/wp-content/uploa ... angoma.pdf. The date at bottom left is cropped but the only month that ends "rier" in French is Fevrier - February 2017.

The sentence in French "Parmi les produits proposes on signalera le tout nouvea OBi2182, une poste professionnel integrant Bluetooth comme WiFi et compatible PoE."

In English that means "Among the products on offer is the brand new OBi2182, a workstation integrating Bluetooth as WiFi and PoE compatible." Sounds pretty much like the existing 1062.
As you pointed out, I guess for now it's a case of ‘We'll know when we know!’.
OBi2182 IP Phone
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By WelshPaul
The OBi2000 series IP phones are now available for sale on amazon.com although stock is very limited. It will likely be some time before they are made available on amazon.co.uk! :(

OBi 2062: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076KFQYTZ

OBi 2162: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076JYGZ3C

OBi 2182: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076JKV5CL

Anyone know if the the phone book is accessible via the web GUI on the OBi2000 series IP phones? Also, do these phones match the incoming caller ID to contacts names stored in the phone book? Both the phone book and lack of caller ID matching to contacts stored on the OBi1000 series IP phones was a huge let down! :bored:
OBi2000 Series IP Phones
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