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By Evan Doherty
Hi Everyone - new to the group - relativley new to VOIP

We have recently acquired a warehouse for our online business and hired additional staff so we need to upgrade our phone system.

Currently we have 1 line coming in with a cordless phone attached that is shared between 4 people.

With our PSTN line we get unlimited mobile and landline calls within the UK and ireland.

What I want to do is set up a "hybrid" system using asterix and on site hardware - I would like to get 1 more PSTN line to take advantage of the free calls that are provided with this service (2 PSTN lines in total) but I also want the features that a VOIP system can provide

- primarily I want to have an app on my iPhone so I can work remotley
- IVR/ Call Director

Does anyone know if this setup is possible ?
What interface cards would be required for the asterix box?

I assume I would post our existing number over to a SIP trunt to take incoming calls via VOIP and then route outgoing calls across the analog lines?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Which XML file do I use for the OBI212 ?

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OK, I have updated my original post. File contents…

Hi Everyone - new to the group - relativley new to…

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