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Hi everyone!

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Just wanted to make sure everyone knew there was a great VoIP event going on at the end of June in Surrey! Its called CommCon (https://commcon.xyz) and is organised by Nimble Ape Ltd (my company) - theres two tracks - one around VoIP and another around WebRTC. We have all of the open source VoIP platforms there speaking about their respective projects as well as amazing companies such as Google, Slack and Facebook about how they use WebRTC etc.

CommCon itself is a residential conference; so you pay one price and it covers your hotel, food etc.

You've not got long until ticket sales close so that we can get name badges printed and all the other things that make CommCon like no other event you've ever been to. I talked to David Duffett and Matt Fredrickson a few weeks ago about it and you can watch that on youtube -

Looking forward to an amazing UK VoIP event and seeing you all there!
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