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By Otto Geschke
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I wanted to port a number and have a query as regards Voipfone's Porting Form.

Let me firstly say that the number to be ported over is from another VoIP provider, the number is 0207 101 xxxx. I emailed the full details to Voipfone’s porting team and they replied that porting would not be an issue.

Back to Voipfone's Porting form which seems to be principally designed for people porting numbers from BT (ie landline).

Apart from my Voipfone account Number

There is a section entitled Customer Information

I take it where it says BT account number, I would remove BT & put the details of the VoIP provider / account number from where the number is to be ported?

I am also guessing that I would not need to fill in my name and address because firstly, Voipfone has them and secondly, the number to be ported is not a BT number and is not so to speak fitted (as referred to in the Porting form).

There is a section entitled Porting Information

Apart from the first entry 'Telephone Number to be ported' and whether the 'Ported number will be used as Phone or Fax', am I correct in assuming that nothing applies to me?

Would you be so kind as to let me know what is required so that i can complete this form without issues.

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By WelshPaul
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You just need to put your current provider details where it states BT's details.

You would still need to pop in your address, also you need to state weather you wish to have the number ported onto your VoIP account as a fax or a voice number, as it is possible to port over a voice number, to have as a fax number on your Voipfone account.
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