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By Lydcon1
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I am new to the concept of voip so perhaps someone could give me some advise for my scenario below.

I run a small business from home and currently have a single BT landline and phone number. I will be moving house in the next 6 weeks or so and the area I am looking at is covered by a different exchange so it appears I won't be able to keep my number through BT.

Therefore I am looking at porting the number out to Voipfone. I need to know what is the correct sequence of events to make sure that I successfully keep the same number (which is vital), have no loss of service for either calls to my number and of course broadband.

For example, should I port the number before I move, but if I do I will lose the broadband here unless I set up a second line first but whats the point if I am moving? Should I try to time the port to coincide with the move date and have bt give me a new number at the new address for the broadband, but is that a bit risky from a getting the timing right point of view?

Has anyone done the same? Any advice welcome.

Thanks :wink:
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By WelshPaul
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The following should help:

Don't cancel your existing service with your current number with BT, the porting process cancels the line.
Don't ask BT to 'move' the account your number is currently on, leave that account alone - Have BT create you a new account for the new place.

Porting takes a minimum of two weeks generally, so getting the request in in time is important. The porting will cease your current line and broadband so it's a good idea to submit the port soon and supply your moving date as the date for the port to complete. You can set a divert on your Voipfone account to your mobile before the number ports so as soon as it is ported it will come to your mobile.

If you have access to the new place in advance then getting the line ordered well before moving in is sensible.

More info here:
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