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By TerryW
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I recently switched from TalkTalk to Virgin broadband and telephone. The new broadband speed is 200Mps and my telephone line now plugs directly into the new Virgin router, so I assume my new telephone connection is in fact VoIP. Since I have switched I have noticed that the clock displayed on my telephone handsets is one hour slow. I have gone into the settings on the handsets and corrected the time displayed, however when I check some time later the clock has gone back to being one hour slow. The telephone configuration I have is Panasonic, which has one master handset which is connected directly via a cable to the router and five satellite handsets which connect wirelessly to the master. All of the handsets display the incorrect time (one hour slow). I have spoken to Virgin and they tell me that there is nothing wrong with their connection and the problem must be with the hand sets. I have told them that this problem has only happened since I switched to Virgin, but they are adamant it is not their problem. Can you body shed any light on this issue?
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By WelshPaul
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This is a Virgin Media issue and there is nothing you can do about it apparently: https://community.virginmedia.com/t5/Ne ... -p/3565627

DECT phones tend to grab the date and time from the network/CLI and sync automatically. The manual setting on the phone is there for those who didn't subscribe to caller ID allowing them to set the date and time accordingly. The reason why the time keeps changing on your Panasonic phone is because whatever NTP server Virgin are using, it's updating the handsets every time a call comes in or syncs.

Virgin Media need to configure their NTP server with the correct daylight savings settings.

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