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Hi there,

I've spent a few hours researching, looking at hardware, trying to understand various terms used but everything seems super overkill for my needs.

If I explain what I'd like to achieve can any of you kind souls inform me what I should be looking for?
Any help will me much appreciated.

I have an office space detached from our house. There is no landline there and I don't want, or feel I need one.

In an ideal world I'd like to have 2 (preferably cordless/wireless phones) that are connected to my wifi network and a local number that gets forwarded to them. I have a static IP here.

I'd prefer not to be using a software based solution that relies on a computer being on or in the office as we both have laptops and move around etc.

I currently have a local number (with flextel) that forwards to my mobile, but now that I have a new employee I need an office solution.

Is such a solution possible?
What is the terminology that I need to search for/research?

Thanks so much for your time.

After a rather boring few hours researching I found that I can use my current Flextel number for VOIP (I didn't previously know that) andI bought a single Siemens Gigaset C530A IP that has an answerphone. I can add more handsets in the future if needed.


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