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By cheahly
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We are looking to move offices, currently we have a traditional setup outlined below - what is the best way to go with regards to a VOIP setup?

2 Incoming lines from BT:
One analogue carrying voice for modem link to bank and ADSL internet access
Second is a split line carrying 2 voice lines both running the same incoming phone number used for customer services.

When these reach the office the analogue line goes to the ADSL Router and the modem
The split line goes into a panasonic PBX, this then feeds 5 extensions allowing 2 incoming/outgoing calls to and from any of the extensions, internal call transfers, on hold (with music) and answer phone funcitons for when we are closed.

Our new offices will have an ADSL line estimated to be approx 17mb in speed, we require to keep the modem for comms to the bank currently but otherwise the choices are open.

What do you suggest we use hardware/software wise, and can we retain the functions above with particular reference to 2 simultanious incoming/outgoing calls on 1 number.
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By GoofyCyborg
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I generally recommend two Internet connections. One for your phones and one for your computers and other devices.

You'd then be able to have 5 simultaneous calls if you have 5 phones. I recommend either the Cisco SPAxx series phones or the Snom 3xx series phones.

You can see some example network setups here.
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By WelshPaul
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If you're to have a fast connection (17Mb estimate is good, hopefully the upload will be good too) then you may be fine having phones and computers all on the same connection.

They can all be on the same number, the number can be set to ring a group of phones simultaneously or can ring one or two phones and calls can be transferred around. You can have as many calls in progress as your bandwidth allows.

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