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By alligator
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Hello everyone,

Im fairly new to voip and sip but not totally ignorant if that makes sense(?)

I have registered a sipgate basic number, and would like incoming calls from this to be sip forwarded to my Localphone sip server.

Im not sure how to do this. I was using PBXes, but whilst it works for forwarding to a PSTN number, the SIP URL forwarding feature is unreliable and frankly useless.

Really thats all I need, as I can use the localphone app to make outgoing calls which is easy to use. Just having difficulties with the incoming.

As I am a highly occasional user, sipgate basic free number is ldeal for me. But if there is an alternative geographical number provider that someone is aware of that allows sip forwarding (like IPKAll and 3c.co.uk used to) thats all I need and would be grateful for your help.

Thanks in advance
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By WelshPaul
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Most VoIP providers gave up on expanding their peering agreements as VoIP become more popular and any existing agreements and any software/hardware they rely on, are likely to be unreliable and problematic.

I remember a few years back trying to setup a similar configuration as yourself between VoipFone and another provider (I forget which one), and although Voipfone claimed to have a peering agreement in place it never worked. My contact at Voipfone pretty told me I what I have wrote above and that I should get a DID with the Voip provider that I wanted to receive calls with directly and not to scrimp on things that cost so little.

If localphone doesn't offer a suitable incoming number for your geographical location then try using a DID supplied by Net-Telco:

Get a free number to test things out and if everything works as you want it to then purchase a local geographical Number. They start at just £8.50 per annum (roughly 71p a month).

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