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By Mrdiy88
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Hi Guys

I hope that someone can point me in the right direction.

I have an office at the bottom of my garden. I would like a voip deskphone in there with a uk number. (i currently use sipgate basic) but aome of the features i need ia lacking.

I want to then have an extension in my house in the kitchen and one in the hallway too. Obviously it would be good that the family can use these to call outbound in such a way that my business number doesn't show up. (wouldn't want my kids friends calling me all the time etc)

Finally it goes without saying, i would want thw family to be able to call me from the hallway or kitchen via an internal extension number.

What would the best way be to achieve this. It would be good to have one main account for billing for outgoing calls if possible. Also i had an idea that i could possibly add an extension for my elderly mother at her house (in a completely separate premises) so she could internally call us and use my calling plan to call outbound.

In my mind what i want to do is simple but i must confess i am a voip newbie. I had looked into 3cx and adding my sipgate basic as the sip trunk but i was worried about all of the security considerations and i have not a clue about keeping it all properly secured.

If this was the best way i would make it my project but security for me is key so i wouldn't want to jump in with a lack of knowledge.

Thanks so much in advance for your help :nerd:

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