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By Mrdiy88
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Hi Guys

I currently use freepbx in my office and there are 3 extensions in total. The sip trunk is sipgate but their mobile calls are expensive around 12p per minute. We call mobiles and landlines and can be on for quite some time.

I decided to do a little digging (thanks google) and found two providers that interested me. Direct Voip and Discount Voip. Their rates to mobiles are fantastic.

Has anyone used any of these providers? Or can anyone recommend them. Or indeed offer anyone else who offers these prices to uk mobiles.

I am tempted to set one of these as out outbound route. Discount voip allows me to use my own outgoing number then i can point incoming calls to my inbound trunk :)

Any tips or tricks would be very welcome.

The only thing i admire about sipgate is the option to be able to call the emergency services.
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By WelshPaul
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@Mrdiy88 I am not familiar with Direct Voip or Discount Voip so let us know what results you get with them. I have used localphone.com in the past who offer calls to mobiles at a rate of 1.5p per min on there pay go tariff. I found them to be ok. :thumbsup:

Link: https://www.localphone.com/call/united_kingdom

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By Mrdiy88
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I will confirm that I signed up with Localphone and the call quality is good. It is linked to my freepbx system as an outgoing trunk (the preferred outgoing route) as they are much cheaper than Sipgate. I registered my incoming sipgate number as an outgoing CID with Localphone and all works well. Thanks for the help
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