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By Longcannard
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Hi there, i am looking for guidance.

I am new to VOIP and more specifically SIP. I want to sell phone and just use my laptop for communications using a softphone eg. Linphone. I still want to make and receive calls, SMS etc.
I travel a lot so I was thinking that i could get a virtual number that redirects to SIP provider that i could connect to via VPN using a softphone.

If this how it works, does anybody know of any good Swiss based SIP providers that support encrypted communications for example SRTP and SIPS ?

I have a feeling that it is not that simple so please please correct any misunderstanding i might have about the technology.

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By Miguel YaY
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Hello LongCannard,

Looks like this was posted a while ago and nobody gave you the answers you were looking for, however, we may be able to help you out.

VoIP as you now may know is going to replace your landlines phones, and with a tiny bit of work, it can replace your cellphone as well!

We at yay.com offer a softphone app that you can instal on your computer, or alternatively can be just browser-based, totally up to you. This will enable you to get your virtual number and get calls directly in your computer (or when you are on the go your smartphone)

With our system, you would be able to receive and place calls straight away! It really is that easy.

Unfortunately, we are a UK based company, we do offer some international numbers on our page but not Swiss numbers, I'm afraid.
We have UK, US, Canadian, French, German, Irish, Italian and Spanish numbers, it that interests you.

If you want more information on our services our platform visit https://www.yay.com/voice/

I hope you decide to join the new exciting world of VoIP!

Best Regards,

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