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By Stevejnr
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Hi good afternoon everyone, (apologises in advance if some of my terminology is off, i'm new to VOIP/ROIP and still learning.

I have completed a quick search and have been unable to find any info regarding my ROIP connectivity question in any of the forum threads. If possible i am trying to find a solution on how I can best utilise a potential gateway. In outline I would like to connect a portable ROIP gateway (LTE & Wifi capable) to a number of radio and office desktop users, from my understanding radio to radio over the LTE network is fine, however when I connect to the desktop this is the point I need an VOIP server, unfortunately I have not found any UK server supplier that mentions ROIP connectivity and supported PTT applications and also they seem to offer limited minute allowances (we are a low user business, but likely to require high volume traffic - Voice and video streaming). Therefore is anyone able to suggest a potential U.K. server supplier who has experience with ROIP/VOIP and also an alternative to metered connections for a small business?

Thanks in advance

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