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By rogerd
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I'm a bit of a newbie to VOIP but I've managed to setup a Linksys SPA2102 which works fine if I use a standard BT wired instrument on the phone port. However, it would be of more use to me if I could use a cordless phone and this is where I have problems. I've used a BT Freestyle unit but this gives me a permanent "On Hook" status. Using an Amplicomms cordless unit Powertel 711 gives me a permanent "Off Hook" status and no dial tone (but seems to be a constant off hook pulsing tone). Both these units work fine on a standard POTS installation using RJ11 to BT adaptor leads.

All phones (including the BT wired phone) all have RJ11 sockets so I'm using standard 4 wire RJ11 to RJ11 to connect phones to SPA2102 adaptor.

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong please?

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By WelshPaul
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You need to use the RJ11 to BT cable supplied with the DECT phone and you will need one of these.

Do not buy a cheap one off eBay as they are usually missing the ring capacitor and don't always work.
BT DECT Phone - No Line
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By WelshPaul
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Yes, providing you wire it correctly of course...
wikipedia wrote:Typically it will have a 6P4C or 6P2C modular connector 7 at the telephone end: this latter may be wired as per the RJ11 standard (with pins 3 and 4), or it may be wired with pins 2 and 5, as a straight through cable 4 from the BT plug (which uses pins 2 and 5 for the line, unlike RJ11, which uses pins 3 and 4). Thus cables are not in general compatible between different phones, as the phone base may have a socket with pins 2 and 5 (requiring a straight through cable), or have an RJ11 socket (requiring a crossover cable 3).
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By WelshPaul
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It's an annoyance that I have experienced many times myself. 😆

This post might help you somewhat: WelshPaul @ Obi202 to phone extension

Good Luck 👍

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