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What is ITSPA?

ITSPA is the UK VoIP trade association set up in 2004. Given the rise in ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) it was deemed appropriate to form a representative body for the industry in order to both represent industry views to Government and also to implement methods of best practice for the consumer in a nascent industry. See http://www.itspa.org.uk.

What is the ITSPA Code of Practice?

The ITSPA Code of Practice is a framework in which ITSPA members can demonstrate compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. It has also been designed to help protect the interests of citizens/consumers by members ensuring that they conform to this standard. All ITSPA members must adhere to this code, which is in compliance with all current regulation. Any ITSPA member that does not comply with the Code of Practice will face expulsion from the trade association.

What is the ITSPA Quality Mark?

The ITSPA Quality Mark is your guarantee that the Service provider has confirmed that they also follow ITSPA’s Best Common Practice documents (as well as the ITSPA Code of Practice and all relevant regulation). It’s purpose is to recognise those members that go the extra mile in ensuring best practice. ITSPA members must comply with a list of criteria to obtain the Quality Mark. This criteria will be reviewed on a regular basis, with further criteria being extended. The Quality Mark is only available to ITSPA members and they have to formally self-certify themselves on an annual basis. Further details can be found here: http://www.itspa.org.uk/quality.html

What are ITSPA’s Best Common Practice Documents?

From time to time, ITSPA will produce Best Common Practice Documents (BCPs) on particular industry issues. These documents are recommended forms of guidance produced by the membership. ITSPA strongly recommends that members adhere to all BCPs. They are not mandatory requirements however like the Code of Practice. There is one ITSPA BCP document on porting and another on filtering produced by ISPA (Internet Services Providers’ Association) which ITSPA endorses. Further information can be found here: http://www.itspa.org.uk/bestpractise.html

Where can I get more detailed information about VoIP?

The wiki for VoIP is here:

There is a technical, but still readable, description of how VoIP works here:

And a free guide, written for the 'For Dummies' series, here:

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