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I have this problem on 10 ip 7945G ip phones, after a power interruption while working properly. The screen stays black and the speaker light stays on. I have read several threads about this problem and tried different methods, but I still don't see anything in the TFTP log.

I have a testing mockup where I have a pc ( ftp and dhcp -->option 150) and a Juniper EX2200-C Switch. Other models of bricked IP phones I have been able to restore them, but with these 7945G it has been impossible.

Any solutions would be very helpful.

Best regards,
Were these phones powered using PoE and can you expand on "power interruption" ? Are we talking a simple reboot via the phone menu, disconnection of the PoE/Power cable or a power cut? I'm thinking if the latter then a power surge may have occurred upon power restoration and that has caused physical damage to the phone.

Is there absolutely nothing at all in the TFTP log?
What happens if you boot the phone while pressing the # key?

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