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By mt1986
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I currently have a Tunstall Lifeline telecare device in my home.

My area has recently had a FTTP rollout completed so I began to investigate what I would need to transition over to a fully digital service. After many emails to my local council it eventually transpired that they are just assuming it is going to continue to work with BT Voice, which is a feature on the routers BT provide for their FTTP packages (and I assume other ISPs do something similar).

The issue is, this then locks me into using the ISP provided router to serve my home network, which I do not want to do as when the ISP issues a reset / reboot command it brings down my entire network, so when I transition to a FTTP service I'm going to be using something like a Ubiquiti UDR.

So this then puts me into a grey support area with my Lifeline device. As far as I can tell it has to be using standard PTSN signals to do what it needs to do, so in theory an ATA should be able to translate what it does over a VOIP service.

I've read up about ATA adapters, and it looks like most require a dial out code to reach an outside line. This won't work for this device because it will be assuming it's part of the main PTSN network.

Can ATAs be configured so the analogue device behaves the same way as it has done, aka being able to dial a number without any codes or prefixes?


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By WelshPaul
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There is no "dial out" code requirement when using an ATA, they act in the same manner as your old BT socket...

You should however be aware that many ISP's will not allow one to use their own hardware and so using your own ATA might not even be an option! It's likely your old Tunstall Lifeline will work simply by plugging it into your router/ATA but you will require one of these to plug it in. You should consider replacing your old lifeline with a Tunstall Lifeline GSM.

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