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By Santos
We wish to add card processing to our business but have a couple of hiccups in the implementation.

The customer facing location, although fixed, is a long way from our existing phone sockets so installing extra phone cabling is a hassle we don't want. We ran ethernet cables to there last year so have internet access already.

Our bank are telling us we need to use their choice of ISP (Europacom) to use an ip based chip and pin terminal.

1. Would I be able to use a voip phone adapter to connect a plain old PSTN chip and pin terminal so it can dial out over a voip network?

2. Would the adaptor be able to cope with the encryption the machine would likely use?

3. Are there security issues with this approach?
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By WelshPaul
I have used VoIP ATA's to connect Sky Digi boxes in order for them to do call backs, can send faxes too so I see no reason why a merchant terminal wouldn't work. They usually work at a low baud rate just like fax machines.

Fom a security point of view there would be no issues at all, no more a risk than PTSN.

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