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By gerald
One of our users does not want to have multiple phones in thier home office. I know there are plenty of phones out there that also integrate the fixed line but we have just equipped them with a Snom 320.

Does anyone know of any adapters that will take thier BT extension and present it as a second SIP account on the Snom?

Thanks in advance
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By WelshPaul
I am afraid there is no possible way of getting a Snom to work with an ordinary PSTN line.

You could use the Gigaset range of phones or maybe an ATA such as the OBihai range, You can configure these so calls can also be made out via the PSTN line as well as received.

Sorry its not the answer you were looking for but thought I would mention the alternative.
By gerald
Thanks, I have been digging an seen a few phones and adapters that integrate both facilities but now that we have equipped them with a Snom I wanted to avoid buying another phone and also keep operational issues and questions to a minimum by us all having the same handsets. So an adapter to present the BT line as a second SIP line would have been cute.
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By WelshPaul
Unfortunately it cant be done, Snoms don't work with adapters, they are a VoIP phone in their own right so there's not a work around I am afraid.

OK thanks, what VPN are you using ??

A good write up on SIP ALG: https://www.voicehost…

Thanks very much. Really appreciate it! :-D

Attached below is my latest OBIHAI UK configuratio…