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As of May 15, 2014 OBihai VoIP ATA devices will no longer be able to make or receive Google Voice phone calls. Why? Because Google has announced that on May 15, 2014 they (Google) will be disabling their support for the open source XMPP protocol via 3rd party apps, which allows external access to Google's messaging and voice services. OBihai devices currently depend on the XMPP protocol to enable their VoIP ATA's to connect directly to the Google Chat, Talk and Voice services.

This recent news from Google about removing 3rd party support for the XMPP protocol on May 15, 2014 should not be a big surprise. Google hinted that this was going to happen back on May 15 of 2013 when they launched the new Google Hangouts. At that time, they also placed a brief announcement on their Google Talk Developers web site stating:
"Note: We announced a new communications product, Hangouts, in May 2013. Hangouts will replace Google Talk and does not support XMPP. The information in this Developer's Guide pertains only to Google Talk."
It really is too bad that Google continues to pull the plug on services that dedicated followers have come to enjoy and depend on. But, in this day and age of technology, the only thing we know for sure and can count on is that things will always continue to evolve and change....
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