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By GoofyCyborg
Generally speaking, for best results using VoIP, you will want at least 1 Mbps/256 Kbps (download/upload) Internet speed for successful and reliable VoIP calls.

Now days, Internet broadband speeds are steadily increasing and prices dropping. With ISP's providing faster and faster access speeds, Internet speed is becoming less of an issue for VoIP services. However, the quality and reliability of service is as important as ever.

Once your VoIP packets leave your ISP to find their way around the world wide web, routes can become variable and packets lost along the way. So, in the end, there will always be some degree of unpredictability in VoIP calls due to uncontrollable events along the Internet path between your device and the contact you are calling and talking to.

Obviously, if your ISP service isn't reliable, so it will be with your VoIP calls. But, remember, there are many other factors also affecting the quality of your VoIP calls...

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