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By Aglet48
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I found your site on google while searching for help. I have a Linksys PAP2 adapter box that I purchased years ago and it's always been reliable up till now.

I now have to disconnect it at the mains and wait a good 20 minutes before plugging it back in as it keeps locking up. It's running the latest software and I have tried a factory reset but still the problem persists. So it looks like I need a new one but they don't appear to sell these any more?

So what do I buy to replace it? I have an account with VoipTalk. I have one incoming number with free minutes, PAP2 connects to my virgin media superhub and my BT DECT phones connect to my PAP2. I don't have a real landline so my VoipTalk number is important to me and I need to get this sorted as soon as.

I can't afford much but whatever I can afford will need to be as reliable as my PAP2 was, that's lasted me at least 8 years!

Any help would be appreciated.

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By WelshPaul
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Hi Angela,

Sounds like your Linksys pap2 is overheating, try making sure it has good ventilation. If your problem persists then the cheapest option would be to replace it with an Obihai OBi100 which you can find on Amazon for £29 with free delivery...

Very good adapter at a great price! The pap2 was replaced by the pap2t a long time ago, the pap2t is no longer sold either it was replaced by the Cisco SPA112 ATA which costs £29.99 with free delivery over on Amazon.

The Cisco SPA112 had a lot of issues upon release, and for some time after. I believe they have been fixed in later firmware builds. Both easy to configure. :)

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