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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
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I recently bought a Nokia XL (Android) and when I went to install my favourite VoIP App Zoiper, I found that Microsoft have crippled the phone by not allowing users to download Apps from the Google Play Store :silent:

I like Zoiper because I have had good results using the IAX2 protocol which is not supported by many other Apps. Anyhoo, I did some snooping around and found that I could download an installation file direct from the CSIPSimple web site. I'm now glad that Microsoft were so anti-competitive because CSIPSimple is just awesome :thumbsup:

If you are looking for a VoIP App for your Android, then you really can't go wrong with CSIPSimple. Zoiper is good too, it's just that CSIPSimple has a lot more options.

Happy Mobile VoIPing.
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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
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The Apps are free. All you need to do is enter your VoIP account credentials and away you go. Call costs depend on the plan you have with your VoIP provider. Calls use your VoIP service and not your mobile phone service. That's why you need an Internet connection to use them. Just think of these apps as a way to use VoIP on your Mobile Phone.
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By c0d3r
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pwarbi wrote:I still really don't see the need for voip apps on mobile if I'm honest. The market is certainly growing so the demand must be there I guess though.
I have a gold voip number e.g. 0123 123 123 that i use for my business, and the reason why i use a 'voip app' on my mobile phone is that instead of diverting incoming calls to my mobile phone number when out of the office, which i might add involves me having to pay x amount per minute for the diverted call i can continue to receive inbound calls at no cost to myself or my customers.

In the past I have used various 'voip apps' to call 0800 numbers as these were not free when calling from your mobile phone.

If you have some kind of voip pbx then there are numerous reasons as to why some would use a 'voip app' on their mobile phone.
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By WelshPaul
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pwarbi wrote:As a business user, then I can understand all that completely. I should have stated that I meant for the everyday user, I didn't see what the need was.
You don't have or need to use any apps with SIP based VoIP providers. :-D

Everyone uses their phone services in variety of ways and everyone has different requirements. That's the beauty of VoIP, you can customise it to suit your needs, sometimes at no extra cost. :)

I use VoIP to provide me with a home phone line, it costs me nothing. I purchased an OBi202 ATA at £49 which is a little square box about the size of a master phone socket. I connect it it a mains socket and use an ethernet cable to connect it to my router/internet connection...

I can take any traditional corded telephone or dect phone and plug it in to my OBi202 as if it was a master socket and receive calls on a local area telephone number for free. I have call barring, call forwarding, caller display, call waiting, voicemail, threeway calling, music on hold as well as a lot more for free!

Yes I pay nothing for that! I can Pay £5 a month for free outgoing calls or pay per minute at cheaper rates than any fixed telco line company can offer me.

No credit checks, no geographical restrictions and when I move (anywhere in the world) I get to keep the same number. :P

If I go with a traditional fixed phone line service it would cost me £16.99 a month with BT, and all I get for my money is a local area number where I can receive inbound calls. I have to pay an extra monthly charge for things like Caller Display or Call Divert. :(

If you walked into my livinging room tomorrow and picked up my home landline phone you'd never know it wasn't actually a traditional fixed landline and that you were really using VoIP to place your call.

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