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Even the most simple VoIP problems can be difficult to diagnose. There is some freely available software called Wireshark that is the ideal tool for the job, but it requires the use of a network hub which makes setup non trivial. The next best thing is to download a software program called a Syslog Server. There are many available and some of them are free. VoIP2Go recommend the free Kiwi Syslog Daemon which can be downloaded from http://www.kiwisyslog.com/free-edition.aspx.

After you have installed Kiwi, start it up and it should listen for UDP packets on port 514 by default. If not, go to the File menu, Setup, Inputs, UDP and click on the box - Listen for UDP Syslog messages. Make sure the UDP Port is set to 514.

Cisco/Linksys Device Setup

Log into the web pages of your Cisco or Linksys VoIP equipment and click the Admin link, followed by the Advanced link. Go to the System tab and enter the private IP address of your PC (add :514 on the end) into the Debug Server field. E.g, if your computer IP address is then you should enter

Still on the System tab, set the Debug Level to 3 or 3+H.

Go to the Line 1 tab, or the Line 2 tab if your problem is with line 2, and set the SIP Debug Option to any value to full or 1-line. If your problem is not related to registration then you should select 1-line excl OPT|NTFY|REG. Click on the "Submit All Changes" button to save your changes and you are ready to start debugging.

Obihai Device Setup

From System Management, select Device Admin. Under the Syslog section, enter the local IP address of your computer. If you don't know how to find the IP address of your PC, then enter

Leave the Port setting at the default of 514 unless you have a specific reason to change it. Leave the default Level setting at 7 as this will give you the most detailed information.

Whichever VoIP equipment or Syslog Server you are using, as soon as you lift the handset on your phone you should start seeing messages like 'Off Hook'. When you make a phone call, detailed debug information will be sent to the grid in the Syslog Server and the data should give you everything you need in order to work out what the problem is.

Happy Syslogging :thumbsup:

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