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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
When potential Customers make an enquiry about my VoIP service, some of them ask if I can provide them with a free 056 number so that they can do some tests. I know nothing about these numbers or who is allowed to issue/allocate them. Can anyone educate me on this subject?


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By WelshPaul
Hi Steve,

These are non-geographical numbers specifically for Internet Telephony, ie VoIP. VoIP companies can, and do, use any and every telephone number available so it’s not clear why Ofcom designed these for them. Voipfone give you one for free with every account. (They charge £2.00+vat for additional 056 numbers)

Some customers use them to experiment with VoIP but don’t put them on any stationary.

The 056 number ranges form part of the New Voice Service (NVS). This has the format 056 xxxx xxxx. As stated above this is a number range specifically for Internet Telephone companies. Like the Voipfone numbers, calls between 056 numbers are free but unlike them, they can be dialled from any telephone anywhere.

When someone calls a 056 number from the UK using an ordinary telephone, the caller will be charged at the NVS call rate.

When they are called from outside the UK they are charged standard international rates.

Personally I have never seen anyone use one of these 056 numbers... Ever!

EDIT: I should of pointed out that not all VoIP providers here in the UK give out a free 056 number - 084 numbers are also issued, usually 0843 as the VoIP provider takes a cut on the incoming call costs.

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