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By Neintet
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Can I have two voip voice phone numbers on the same broadband line?

I am about to start a second company from the same premises. I've bought another voice number for this from voipfone and wondered if and how I can run both my existing phone and my new company's phone from the same broadband line?

Thank you

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By WelshPaul
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Or you could just open a 2nd account (which has the bonus of being billed separately) that way you aren't paying for PBX features you don't need. ;)

You can still call each phone for free using the full Voipfone account number - Depending on what phone you have you could create a custom dial plan so instead of having to dial the full Voipfone account number you would only need to dial 200 or 201. (Use the dial plan to rename the Voipfone account number!)

If your phone supports multiple lines you'll even be able to use both accounts on one phone. :thumbsup:
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By Neintet
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Thanks, seems easy enough. I'll give it a go closer to launch time (company goes live end of Feb).

I looked at a headset for the snom, are they wired or wireless? At the moment I have a handsfree phone as we often need to leave the desk to go on the shopfloor. I wanted a snom phone but if the headset is not wireless with a 10m range, might have to think again.

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