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Ever noticed all those listings for cheap PAP2's and PAP2T's on eBay? There have been more than a few hundreds or perhaps thousands of these devices sometimes listed as UNLOCKED FOREVER, STAY UNLOCK PAP2 ATA.

You might think your getting a bargain, maybe the price fits in with the fact that Linksys have discontinued the device and replaced it with the Cisco SPA112 but the fact is that these ATAs are QUESTIONABLE - in fact VERY QUESTIONABLE.

The truth is most are fakes! What's wrong with buying a fake i hear you say? Well in my opinion nothing as long as it works, it's safe to use and the price you pay reflects the fact that it is a fake or clone.

Here's how to spot a QUESTIONABLE PAP2(T).
  1. The sellers locations are from within ASIA.
  2. The sellers cannot speak good English. Obviously they are NOT from the US or the UK.
  3. The PAP2(T) label, will FADE easily, after a few times (5-6 times) of rubbing it with your thumb.
  4. The MAC address is ILLEGITIMATE, if you go search this on google "MAC address identifying tool", you will see that the questionable PAP2(T) shows a company name other than Cisco or Linksys.
  5. The price is really cheap. Although we noticed that quite a few of them try to bring up the price to about 20% - 25% cheaper than real PAP2(T) products, to somehow bring them close to real prices.
  6. When you use the PAP2(T), it will most likely function normally, touch the box after a few minutes of use and you will feel it gets a bit too hot to the touch.
    Note: This is the PAP2 v1 Operating Temp. 41F to 113F (5c to 45c)
  7. The questionable PAP2(T) breaks easily, you will see the RED lights blinking all of sudden. Power cycle the device and it will come back to life. This is because the device is overheating, it has no heat sink attached to the CPU and ventilation is poor on these devices at best.
It's not worth risking your home being burnt to the ground, my advice is to avoid these and pay a few quid extra for a genuine Cisco SPA112 from a reputable outlet.

Even the the FBI have been caught out, they ended up purchasing counterfeit Linksys / Cisco equipment. See here.

If the FBI have been caught out by these counterfeits, the chances are you will too.

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