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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
Dial Plans can be very tricky for newcomers to VoIP and I have decided to build a dial plan into my own VoIP Platform so that my Customers do not have to dig into the dial plans or DigitMaps in their own VoIP software or equipment. Basically, my job is to take whatever phone number the user has dialed and convert it as accurately as possible into a VoIP Number (E.164). I'd appreciate any suggestions from anyone as to how best to get the job done. Here's where I am up to so far:

If the dialed number starts with 44, then we take the number as being in E164 format and process it as it is :thumbsup:

If a user dials a 6 or 7 digit number, then as we store their default area code in our platform, we simply add the country code and area code (without the zero).

If the number does not start with a 0, then we simply add the country code.

If the dialed number starts with 00, then we take it as an international call and strip off the two zeros. The remainder of the number should already be in E164 format.

If the dialed number starts with 0, we carry out further checks as follows:
If the dialed number starts with 033, then we take that as our special feature code to override the Default Call Tier and use least cost routing on the current call only (the Default Call Tier is setup in the database as Value, Standard or Prime).
If the dialed number starts with 044, then we take that as the feature code to use the highest possible quality routing on the current call only. In both cases, we strip off the first 3 digits and then check the remaining digits as above.

I'm sure there's a long way for me to go and I look forward to your help in creating a very powerful dial plan.


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By WelshPaul
Tricky for new comers? lol I still get caught out by them every now and then! :lol:

I must say though, it's a lot easier when your working with the same hardware/software day in day out. Jumping from manufacturer to manufacturer creating dial plans every now and then is a nightmare. :?

I'm going to have to do some research on this before I make any suggestions or recommendations. :thumbsup:

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