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By pwarbi
Just a quick update on this thread so the Google voice topic in the UK doesn't due a death.

Have we still not got any date as to when this service will be available? Or indeed if?

I've seen the post in another section about getting Google voice by signing up through the US but that seems like a lot of messing about for me, especially as I'm still not 100% sure how good this service is and if it will compete with Skype.
By BradR
WelshPaul wrote:Unfortunately Google Voice isn't available here in the UK although there are hoops you can jump through to get an account. For me though there is no point as I don't know anyone who uses it and I don't call abroad. (Usually)
Can you link me to a site which will help me get Google Voice in the UK? I've been looking to try it but I'm currently unable to because of me being in the UK.
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By John Donovan
wahmed wrote:
pwarbi wrote:I'm a new member to this site and one of my first posts was going to be about google voice. I have friend over in the USA who say it really is brilliant and I was wondering if google even have any plans to introduce it over here in the UK?
Up to now, I haven't even heard any talk about it being available so I'm guessing its going to be a long way off yet if we ever do get it.
I hate it when this happens. They launch good stuff in the USA and us Brits never get to see it.
Try being outside both US and UK, it's an absolute *Bleep*, especially when you want to sign up for some cool service and you get your hopes shot down because nobody wants to localize the service to your godforsaken country. :(
By Devonne
Google Voice is only available within the US as of right now. You are able to make international calls to the UK from the US for a "low fee" as per their website, but that won't help you once you return to the UK. It really confuses me why they haven't opened up this service to other countries. I know that the downloadable app has proven useless for me as Google now wants you to complete calls form another app called "Google+ Hangout"; however, once I downloaded their app I tried to make a call and it didn't tell the receiver that they had a call at all until after it went to their voicemail, and they were positioned across from me in a well network signal area. To me, well that was a bit annoying and I uninstalled both the Google Voice and the Google+ Hangout app after attempting to make a few more calls.
By Matthew leslie
I have read that google voice has been expanding its market in the US before they move to any other countries! It is also said that they will be moving abroad soon hopefully the next year or two, hopefully the UK will be one of the first countries they expand on! I have used google voice once before with a business friend that phones abroad on a daily basis ! It seems to be a very handy service to have access too!
Hope I helped! ;)


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