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By kaiuk
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It is useful to see what traffic is going through the network, but i find it difficult to use and you have to get lucky with the packets as most of the time it is just unreadable garbage.

I used it once to sniff out some torrents on the network and managed to get some headers. If i spent some time studying wireshark i'm sure i could do a lot more with it, but it's just something i use when needed for a task.
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By KenBrace
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JoshSmith100 wrote:I use Wireshark. I primarily use it for seeing where the traffic is going. Ive had a pleasant experience with Wireshark and would recommend it.
How long did it take before you learned how to use it efficiently and apply it to a practical business environment?

I was able to learn the basics pretty quick but I still found the program slightly difficult to navigate and understand.
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By KenBrace
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jonjonscove wrote:I've never heard of wireshark before, but I would definitely like to learn how I could apply it.

And make good use of this information for my business.
Wireshark allows you to view the activity inside a network.

It allows you to see the individual packets traveling in and out of the network. It's very handy for troubleshooting.

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